Engrave mode with the galley view

Hi Steinberg Community, when I’m working on the galley view and I have lots of elements like pauses, accents, ties, dynamics, and I try to order them on the engrave mode it’s a big problem. The engrave mode seems working only with the page view and not the galley view. How can I make the engrave mode working with the galley view?

You can’t - Galley View is specific to Write mode. As things stand, Galley View doesn’t respect all of the graphical adjustments you make in Engrave mode, so it wouldn’t be particularly useful there.

This is a very bad news. I wish Steinberg will solve this problem with the future version of Dorico. Thank you!

I’m just a fellow user like you, but I think it’s unlikely this will change. It’s an integral part of how the different modes function.

There’s nothing to “fix” here. Galley view is intended for input and editing, not for layout and formatting changes. Do not expect galley view to be introduced in Engrave mode.

One solution to help with lots of collisions: in Layout Options–Vertical Spacing–Ideal Gaps, you can increase the vertical space between staves in Galley View. Try something like 200%.