Engrave modifications don't appear in print mode


I’m encountering a problem I’ve never had before (I’m using Dorico Pro 3):

The modifications that I made in the engrave mode (reducing the font size of lyrics, forcing all staff into one page, moving the rehearsal marks…) don’t appear when I want to print the score into a PDF. The score doesn’t look the same in engrave and in print mode.

It’s the first time I’m encountered this problem although I’ve done exactly these kinds of layout changes many times before, I’m therefore completely at lost on how to fix this problem. Any suggestions?


Hi marieflo, welcome to the forum!

In Print mode, the layout shown in the print preview is the one selected in the Layouts panel on the left. Are you definitely viewing the layout that you’ve been working on?

Hi Lillie,

thanks a lot for your response, it solved my issue instantly.

(I’m a bit embarrassed that the solution was that easy and I just missed it…)

Don’t be, it’s an easy mistake to make!

Yes, I’ve made this mistake too. When switching to Print mode, the layout you were viewing in Engrave mode isn’t necessarily the first one shown in Print mode. Confusing at first, until you get it all sorted. :wink: