Engrave options for bar range?


I am working on a score that has spatial notation in part of it, going back and forth between spatial notation and measured passages in a single movement. To accomplish the spatial notation, I have to adjust certain engrave options like removing the required horizontal gap after a bar line and the first note. Obviously I do want the gap present for the measured passages. However, it appears that the engraving options dialog changes the settings for the entire flow on a global basis. What would be the best way of removing that gap only for certain passages? I imagine I can do this by putting the spatial passages in a different flow and manually assembling the score from the different flows on a single layout, but have never done this before so I’m not quite sure how tricky this is or how much work this is to accomplish. I also want to maintain continuity of measure numbers throughout.

Any ideas?


Just so you know, Engraving Options can’t be set individually for single flows, they always affect the whole score.
I think you have no better option than doing it manually with the note spacing tool in Engrave Mode.