Engrave sidebar incomplete

I just watched this Dorico video. (I’m sorry, I’m not allowed to post links).
On the sidebar I saw the options Format Music Frames, Format Systems, Staff spacing etc. You should get these option by clicking the Engrave mode. If I press Engrave or Ctrl+3 I don’t get this sidebar although I have Dorico pro 5. My sidebar is only a very reduced one. Does anybody know how to open the whole sidebar?

Hi Harald – Welcome to the forum!
Try Ctrl-7 (Command-7 on Mac) to hide/show the left panel.

Welcome to the forum @Harald_Wingerter !

Which video were you watching? The distribution of options in left panels in Engrave mode has changed a bit since the earliest Dorico versions, so it’s possible there’s simply a mismatch between the version in the video and your version now.

However, it’s also possible that you’ve accidentally started up Dorico as either Elements or SE. You could always try saving your work, quitting Dorico entirely, then restarting to see if that helps.

Try clicking this…


Thank you for your answers. I have Dorico Version (Jul 5 2023). It seems that there is so much difference between the videos and my version that I can not learn anything. Another example: In the video they could select text frames and music frames when they switch on a frame switch. I don’t have this frame switch and can not select frames. The videos I was watching are from the Dorico Pro 5.0.20 help site.

A lot has changed in Dorico since version 1 was released in 2016, it’s true! The team are constantly working to improve and expand the application to benefit our users.

In the meantime, you can find up-to-date written instructions in the Dorico 5 manual. Some of the embedded videos are a bit behind, but we’ve included them where relevant to give some idea of workflow at least.

For example, instead of there being toggle switches to enable frame editing in the left panel, there’s now an Engrave toolbox. Click the Frames button in the left toolbox to enable frame editing, and to show frame-related options in the left panel.

My colleague Ant recently refreshed a whole series of videos about note input, and more updates are planned for other areas of Dorico, including videos about working in Engrave mode.

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