Engraving frustration for a Tabloid landscape score for a concert band

Why can’t I get the 2nd ending of the B section to be on one page? that way the Trio section could also fit on one page with no page turns necessary.

I’ve also included my Dorico 5 file:
Greetings From Ukraine.dorico (3.5 MB)

Thanks for all the forum users and feedback!

See if this works for you. In Layout Options I changed the note spacing from 4 to 3 1/2.

Greetings From UkraineAltered.dorico (3.5 MB)

Thank you so much Derrek! That did it perfectly. I knew it was some little niggly thing that I don’t look at often. I’ll have to bookmark this for further use.

You could have also selected the first and last notes that you wanted on one page and used the “make into frame” option, or you could have inserted another frame break before the trio section, and then gone back to the previous frame break that you already inserted and applied the “wait for next frame break” option in the properties panel.

Oh that’s interesting printing Tabloid in landscape, makes for fewer page turns. So that’s 11”x17”, do you plan on comb binding that 11” side or something else?

A comb bind, but it’s in landscape mode so you can see more measures per sheet.

Actually I did try all those, the only thing that worked was changing the note spacing as Derek suggested.

If that’s the case, either you did something wrong or there was a glitch.

Interestingly, you can special order 11x17 landscape binders as well. I’ve done this with a few of my organ works to fit whole movements on single spreads. It’s worth noting everything is unwieldy though… and while you might have fewer page turns, the turning itself is a MUCH larger action, so it’s harder to flip the page. YMMV

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It’s not the same as an 8 1/2 x 11 (they’re both 11" if you bind landscape Tabloid)?

I use Tabloid for scores which is great in that you get tons of vertical space, but it is a bit tall. Doesn’t work well on a piano bench, I drop it down in front so I can see it all relatively comfortably.

I mean that the binder is a full tabloid in landscape, ie-17” wide landscape binder. So yes, the one edge is 11” which you can hole punch as regular, but the physical hinder is quite something to behold lol.

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I know someone whose physical hinder is definitely something to behold! :grinning:
You win the prize for funniest typo of the month, James.

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