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There are some aspects of engraving in Dorico that are quite simple for me, a high school student, to understand but others that aren’t as easy. Could someone look over this project? There are a few measures that take up an entire system, resulting in the page being 3 measures long. If I try to force the systems to include more measures, I get lots of collisions.

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Ian Hook
01 - Full score - One Sky, One Destiny.pdf (174.7 KB)

Did you play around with note spacing?

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If you’re looking to produce a useful part for the organist to play from, one thing you might try is using landscape orientation rather than portrait:

It would also save room in the organist’s part if you set the trumpet staff to be small:

Either 75% or even 60% would be worth a try.

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I tried this and it helped a lot, thank you!

I’ll definitely give these both a try, thank you for your help!

As an aside, mm29-35 could use an 8va in the right hand. That’s an unusually large number of ledger lines for piano.

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I’d also question whether you need bar numbers on every bar, given that (even with the suggestions above), you’ll only have a small number of bars per system. Just having a number at the start of each system should suffice.