Engraving menu not showing font styles

I have just downloaded Dorico 4 for a trial.

I cannot work out how to change fonts.

According to Dr Google I have to go to the engraving menu and select font styles but font styles does not appear in my engraving menu.

Any help would be most appreciated.

Are you sure you downloaded the Pro trial? Elements would not have the same capabilities.

In addition, in the latest version, the font and paragraph tools are in the Library menu, having been moved from the Engrave menu.

Be sure your Google searches give you the latest version of the help files; needless to say, the older versions have been around longer and therefore have more clicks.

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Gotcha! Found it in the Library menu. Thanks so much for your assistance!

I shall go back to my chart and keep experimenting!

When you Google for things in the Dorico documentation, you may find yourself directed to documentation for older versions. When you arrive at the documentation page, take a quick look at the version number in the URL (it will say something like “/v4/” or “/v3.5/” in the middle of the URL) or at the version number shown in the top left corner of the page. It’s always worth checking that you’re looking at the manual for the current version.

My own preferred approach is to set up a custom search keyword in my browser so that I can type (in my case) “dh font styles”, for example, and this will search only the Dorico Pro 4 documentation. This page describes how to do it: