Engraving options applying to one instrument

Hi everyone,

I’m wondering if it is possible to have engraving options apply to one instrument only?
I’d like to place all accents in my percussion grid above the staff but have “normal” placement of accents in the remaining instruments. However, engraving options always seem to apply to all instruments.
Is there a way of achieving this without having to manually place all the accents in one or more instruments?

No, I’m afraid this isn’t currently possible, but I agree that it is something that should be supported easily and without having to flip the articulations. I’ll make a note of it, and perhaps we can implement this in a future version.

Thank you for your answer, Daniel. What a shame it wasn’t just me overlooking an obvious and simple solution as it usually is :slight_smile:
I’m very glad you’re taking a note of the issue.
I’ve no idea how much of a hassle it would be to implement, but maybe it’d be great in general to be able to only apply all of the excellent engraving options to just one instrument, staff or layout.

Anyways, I flipped all the accents and now my score is probably the most beautifully engraved score I’ve ever done (and the first one in Dorico).

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