Engraving options don't update in Engrave mode

A rather minor issue, I think:
As you can see in the video below, changing the staff thickness of a blank staff layout frame in engraving options while in engrave mode doesn’t update the visuals right away, but it stays with the old value. Only when switching between modes (in my case to write and back to engrave) the result is shown.

That makes sense to me, since Dorico will only process to take account of that change when some actual “music” changes, of which there is none in these circumstances. I’d say that this is a bug, but a harmless one that we probably will not fix, since even going to Print mode in order to export graphics will always use the correct value as set in Engraving Options, even if up to that point you’ve not actually seen the display reflect that value.

I agree, it’s really harmless. Might just stumble some users, thought it still might be worth reporting.
Thanks and all the best!