Engraving Options menu item should be in other modes (?)

I was just entering some chord symbols, and wanted to look through the options.

Since I’m new to Dorico, I don’t know where those settings are. First tried cmd + , (Preferences). Then looked through every menu item. Then looked for a button in one of the window panels.

Finally found the answer in a tutorial video.

Hopefully I’ll remember cmd-shift-E since it’s the same as “Engraving Rules” in Sibelius.

EDIT: I guess it should be “obvious” where to look for this kind of setting, but it would be nice to have the search function include all modes, not just the current one. See discussion below.


you will see the menu, once you switch to Engrave Mode.

Thanks, k_b!

However, since you can open and modify Engraving Options while in any mode, not just Engrave, I would think it should be in other menus too.

I second this wish.

We’re not going to add it to any other menus, but you can use the key command from any mode. The same is true for Layout Options, Notation Options, Note Input Options and indeed Playback Options.

I can use the keycommand for Playback Options only from Play mode. It’s stays open though when switching to other modes

Are there other Macintosh applications that have key commands that don’t correspond to an item currently visible in one of the menus? It seems strange to me that this can be invoked by a key command from any mode, but the actual menu item is only visible from one mode.

Yes, that’s what I was trying to say.

To be fair, in Sibelius, “Engraving Rules” is only in the “Appearance” section of the ribbon. But at least to me, the ribbon is very different from Dorico’s modes.

But in Sibelius 6, it was a sub-menu item under “House Style” which, if I recall correctly, was always visible.

This would be OK if it were possible to find the keyboard shortcut via Help > Search. But that only gives results for the current mode. In contrast, Sibelius’ search box includes results for all the ribbon tabs, not just the currently active one.

I guess one could argue that Dorico’s modes are simple enough (compared to the ribbon) that it should quickly become obvious where to look for a particular group of settings. But still, it would be helpful if the search function covered all modes.



Somehow it was necessary to do a “Reset Key Commands”. Now I can use the key command for Playback Options from any mode indeed!

The macOS search feature from the Help menu can only search in the menus that appear at that moment, and of course the Write menu doesn’t appear if you’re not in Write mode. We’re not going to change this, so I’m afraid it’s something you’ll have to get used to.

Got it - thanks for explaining!

Great. Everyone should understand WHY Dorico’s concept is SO good. Breaking it in any smallest way would be insane, indeed.

Please, people, just stop comparing Dorico with dinosaurs like F. and S. HAPPILY, Dorico will NOT follow the footsteps of those ancient guys. Says me, having been using (and teaching other pros to use) F. & S. for as long as they have existed.