Engraving Options-Save as default does not work

When I make changes in the Engraving Options settings and save them as Save es default, they only work in the current project. When I open a new project, the changes are not reflected. What is wrong?

Can you attach a project (excerpt) and describe what you tried to change (specifically)?

I already found what the problem is. The changes made in Engraving Options are valid only for new projects, even if I save them as default. But when I open an older project, only the changes made and saved in this project are reflected there. So the changes made cannot be saved to work in other, or older projects?

You can use the Library Manager to bring defaults (or settings from any other file) into the current project.

Making changes to the defaults won’t retrospectively change those settings in other existing projects, and nor should it: you need to know that when you open a project it looks the same as when you last saved it.

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Thanks for advice !

I would like to report a similar issue.
I work with a lot of new files/projects.
I have at several occasions set specific Engraving Options to Save as Default.
My impression is, this does not work reliably.
Weeks later Dorico will have reverted some of my choices back to factory default (?)
I can mention settings for Slurs (how they start and end related to ties) or Text (how far above other objects) or Repeat Markers (how a Da capo is displayed) as examples.

But if you can’t write the exact steps needed to reproduce the problem, they can’t find anything to fix. When something goes wrong, one needs to be very methodical in looking for the cause. Reporting your ‘impression’ of what seems to be happening is no information for them.

Mark, sorry I sound vague here.
Which would be the logical steps to prove, this is happening? I just notice after a while, that I have to re-enter my options and Save as Default again. I don’t know, when the “memory loss” happens.
Because I don’t seem to see a visual feedback from Dorico, when I Save as Default, I feel an unease - and this is confirmed, when the settings get lost at a later time. I tried this order of steps:

  1. change an option, Save, Save as Default
  2. change an option, Save as Default, Save

It would be comforting, if there was a feedback in that Save dialogue.

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When one saves as default, normally one sees a star that goes from empty to filled in. I find it most reliable to save the playing technique (for example) and close the screen and then reopen the screen to check/fill the star for default.

Derrek, are you sure these stars show up in Engraving Options?
I have seen them somewhere - but not here:

Perhaps you should set up a template file to preserve these then.
I do not find these sorts of setting revert once I have set them.

Engraving Options are stored as a file called engravingOptions.xml in /Users/yourusername/Library/Application Support/Steinberg/Dorico 4/. If you think your options have gone missing it would be interesting to know whether the file itself has gone missing or whether it is rather that the values have been overwritten. Bear in mind that the saved defaults will only affect newly-created scores, so if you open an old score (one that pre-dates your changes), and then you Save Defaults with that score open, you will overwrite the previously saved values.

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