Engraving options: slur direction in grand staves

Is it possible to set a project-wide engraving preference for slur direction in staves in grand-staff sets? I’d love to be able to set all right-hand slurs in a piano staff to up and all left-hand ones down (when there is only one voice per staff, anyhow), without switching many slurs’ direction manually.

Such a default might get tricky if a grand staff has three or four staves…

Go to engraving options > slurs and you will see the option you are looking for at the very top of the window

That looks a bit too global, and it certainly doesn’t fix the slurs for the lower stave.
I’d advocate forgetting about it until you get to the Engraving phase of the job, and then selecting the first note on the top stave, going Edit > Select To End Of Flow (set a shortcut for this!) and then going Edit > Filter > Slurs, and then going to the bottom properties panel, flicking the Slurs Direction switch on and selecting the upward slurs.
Then do the same for the bottom stave but set the Slur Direction to down.

I did something similar, but with a slower selection method — I didn’t know about “select to end of flow” — thanks! :slight_smile: