Engraving Rules override Properties in Score or Part


I need a little help in understanding the logic behind the weight of Engraving Rules and changes made by the Property Panel. Who or what does actually rule? I have to confess, coming from Sibelius there might be a way of thinking, which is hindering me doing the right thing here…

My problem: I have set up the Engraving Rules quite close to my needs. I carefully copied a complicated score. There are a lot of hairpins < a lot of cresc. and dim., poco f etc., quite a lot of necessary overrides per Property Panel.
So I had my work done, very happy with the result.
Now I open the parts to format them: what is going on here? None of my overrides are visible… I have to go through every single part and do it all over again. Is this the right procedure? Where is my logical mistake? Can the Engrave Rules override my set Properties in every case? Is there a setting, that Properties set in the score are also valid in the parts, or do I need another approach to this?
Thank’s for help again :slight_smile:

At least for now, overrides are layout-specific, so you’ll have some work to re-do in the parts. This has come up plenty before, here, and the official response is that this behaviour will be improved on in future.

thank’s pianoleo for explainig; so at least my procedure is right for the moment. And I am happily waiting for improvement :slight_smile:

ps: just a tiny bit off topic. Yesterday I had some philosophical talk with a colleague who had just been quite ill with a terrible influenza and is now feeling much better. On the other side I am feeling very well, but this influenza could catch me every minute, too. So we decided, she was in a better state than me, as she was on the way of improvement, while I had a high probability of getting worse.
Basically what this is showing: it is always something to be happy about, if things can get better - and they do :slight_smile:

k_b, you made my day! So true!