Engraving rules specific to one or more layouts or players?

Hi Dorico community. I am arranging for marching band where I would like natural articulation placement for woodwinds and brass and above the notes for battery percussion instruments. Is it possible to get this to happen without having to manually adjust many articulation markings?

No, I’m afraid at the moment there’s no option for this, but I agree that it is a convention that would be worth us supporting automatically in a future version.

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Thanks for the reply, in the meantime, I’ll just change the engraving rules for when I export percussion parts and then leave it all natural placement for when I export scores / other parts.

Just bumping this thread to see if this is addressed in Dorico 5? I tried looking through the version history, but I didn’t see anything. Maybe I missed it though.

This is not addressed in this update (sorry for jumping in when you have asked Daniel).

Apparently this is a thing now? I just randomly went into the engraving rules the other day, and found it under articulations. All good now! And I believe it is part of Dorico 4 as I did it on my work computer that I haven’t upgraded to 5 yet.

I checked the Version History. This was added in Dorico 4.3 (last November). :slightly_smiling_face: