Engraving workflows suggestions?

Just wondering, but what workflows are you using when doing engraving jobs? It depends of course on the kind of jobs, but say engraving a handwritten job from a client or starting from a Sibelius file for example? I noticed that I often just keep on checking if everything looks good, but because I don’t really have a system I tend to go back and do the same check twice.

At the moment I am extracting parts from a full orchestral score that I imported as Sibelius-XML. I wrote some steps down as a guide for now:

  • Proofread a part between Dorico and the original Sibelius full score file that was send to me to be sure I didn’t miss any text objects etc.
  • Paginate the pages to find a good balance between readability, same amount of staves on all pages and page turns.
  • Check if there are cues needed (I have set the cue rest-detector to 20 seconds).
  • Now, with the layout set, I check every system and align the dynamics.
  • A last part check to see if all objects (slurs, stem directions etc look good).
  • In print mode, I do a final check as in the previous step.

Export to PDF.

Too much or too little? Did I miss something in part preparation that I should pay attention to?