Enhacement for Step Entry of MIDI Notes

Only note-on/off MIDI events seem to be processed in step entry mode, so we could use CCs (sustain/CC-64 specifically) for advantage in step entry to enter rests or to extend notes beyond their default length (that being the current quantize length).

How about utilizing a sustain-down event like this:

If no notes are held down, a sustain-down causes the step entry position to be advanced by one unit.

If note(s) are held down, a sustain-down causes the step entry position to be advanced by one unit, the notes get recorded in the new slot, and those notes get tied to the notes in the previous slot (i.e., the previous notes just get extended in length).

In either case, sustain-up is ignored and can occur at any time.

Trivial Example:

Quantize value is eighth note, quantize length value is eighth note, step entry position is at N.

We do:
Note-down-then-up, note-down-then-up, sustain-down, note-down-then-up

Here’s the result:
Starting at pos. N we have: eighth note, eighth note, eighth rest, eighth note.

More Complex Example:

Quantize value is quarter note, quantize length value is eighth note, step entry position is at N.

We do:

  1. Note down, note up.
  2. Sustain down.
  3. Note down, sustain down, note up.

Here’s the result:
Pos. N: eighth note, eighth rest
Pos N+1: quarter rest
Pos N+2 and N+3: dotted quarter note, eighth rest.

I like this idea. If Step Input was more advanced I would definitely use it more. There is definitely potential for Step input.
If there was a Advanced Step Input feature that had a list of quantize presets that went from left to right with a progress indicator:


Note on starts the progress indicator and where note of occurs determines the note length. This Advanced Step Input feature could be customised. The progress indicator could be set to go faster or slower. Multiple Step Input lists could be active at the same time with different quantize presets.

I don’t follow what you are proposing. Are you suggesting a key shortcut to change the quantize or the quantize length value?

The main impetus for my suggestion was to allow one to stay at the MIDI keyboard for extended entry without having to switch to the computer keyboard. Having to jump back and forth for something as simple as adding rests is something I find overly error-prone.

Pretty much what you said. Hold the note down to increase note length.

When a note is pressed, the arrow moves along the list of values until the note is released.
The arrow speed is determined by the click. The arrow slows exponentially as it reaches the longer note length values.

That strikes me as an invitation to frustration. Assuming one needs to look at a score and the MIDI controller (hey, why do you think I’m using step entry in the first place? :smiley: ), needing to watch the computer monitor to know when to let go of the note is one more thing to juggle, and I don’t think it would end well, at least for me.

Well you wouldn’t need the display open. It is more about the timing; how long you hold the note to get the desired note length. With this system in place you would hold the note for e.g. a 1/4 note and get 1/4 note length. Or tap it quickly and get a 1/16 length. It would certainly be an improvement on the current system IMHO. :sunglasses: