Enhance a Vocal by Automating Clip Gain?

Enhance a Vocal by Automating Clip Gain? is this feature of Pro Tools, possible in Cubase?


Use a compressor plugin…cubase has a native compressor

Yes… Automate the Gain, it’s in the pre section. I discussed similar here https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=285&t=168580

Now you’ll have an automation lane to do exactly that, with all the great ways cubase lets us apply slopes and ramps,with the various handles to a selection.

Im not looking for a compressor, the video above caught my attention by the way you can interact with an audio in protools, is pretty interesting, did you watch it?

Btw, Ive used the pencil tool several times to make my own fade in and out curves, actually is one of my favorite tools, but do this can increase the gain of an audio? …

I didn’t specify the pencil tool. Automate the Gain on it’s own automation track.

Activate W. Whilst Cubase is playing twiddle the Gain knob in the pre section for that track. That’s the quick way to bring up the automation track. Deactivate W. Now you can adjust the gain in many fancy ways using the standard pointer.

ah I see what you mean, but there you can’t visualize the gain in the clip… thats useful to see the signal

If you’ve got an audio clip, you can select the drawing tool and click on the clip to draw clip gain points. It’s not exactly the same as automation as such… also, I think it’s subtractive - like drawing a fade only with whatever breakpoints you like - so it doesn’t let you add gain. … Except, you could boost the overall gain of the clip by 6dB, then start by creating a straight line across the clip at approx. -6dB, then add more breakpoints to do whatever you want?

I did think there might be a setting to show the waveform in the automation lane but i must of dreamed that. Lots have requested automation lanes to overlay the actual track. It may be a coming feature in the end of year update.