Enhanced Audio CD as ddp

Hey, I’m Cubase user and bought my first Wavelab version (8). I’m new here, so please be merciful, if a similar question has been asked:
Is it possible, to create a ddp image that contents enhanced material (videos, pdf-lyrics, pictures and so on)?

No, sorry. DDP support if only for pure audio.

You could make a DDP in Wavelab and enhance it in DDP Creator Pro, but if budget is a concern it might make more sense to make a Cue in Wavelab and enhance in Toast or Nero (not DDP though, I wouldn’t think). But an audio CD master is the same quality anyway. Or I’ve read that EAC and CDBurnerXP used together can do it for free from a Wavelab Cue.

Hi, I was looking for a way to make an image of a CD extra / Enchanced CD to send over the internet to pressing plant was and found this thread, has anyone had positive experience of doing this ?

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N6 / WL7