Enhanced CPU metering

I find the (expanded) CPU meter to be unhelpful and ‘coarse’ in its interpretation of events (sorry, I know this post seem to be about ‘actual’ CPU performance). However, having upgraded to a more substantial Mac Pro CPU, I can hear and observe that the overheads are now quite good for VIs and Plugs in particular, but the CPU meter still shows very little difference. Proof is in the workflow I guess, and as well, in the generally improved ASIO 2. However what I’d like to see in next gen revs for Nuendo and Cubase:

Accurate, multiprocessor /multi-thread display similar to that in Pro Tools (or even Logic for that matter). This would be helpful in planning sessions and if done correctly would also include relevant information about how VIS/Plugs uses certain cores or multi-cores, VI instances vs. multi-timbral sources etc. I do find this useful in PT HD 12 and is quite accurate in reporting instances and/or relocation of CPU resources etc. (See attached, useful PTHD image).
PTHD threads.jpg
Xmas wish. Loving Nuendo.