Enhancement Request

In the Light Theme it is almost impossible to see the slide bar - which makes it rather difficult to use comfortably.

Have you updated to version 4.0.10? My understanding is that this was addressed in the latest version.
Edit: Maybe I’m just thinking of the lower panel switches.

Thank you Lafin - yes I’m up to date. I have a high resolution monitor on my laptop and it may be to do with that.
The Dark scheme is easy to read - but screen prints are really heavy on printer ink :slight_smile:

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Yes, this issue was mentioned at the end of this thread a month ago.

Thank you Mark - helpful to know it is not just my display. I’m guessing this will be improved in due course.

Are you actually printing screen images? Or was this a joke?

I do actually print images when I’m trying to understand something. Recently I’ve been trying to get my head around Endpoints, Expression Maps and Playback Templates and printing my notes with screen-prints has helped me to see some anomalies between the screens. So yes I do. Sad perhaps but working for me.

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