Enhancement requests

There’s a lot of good things about Dorico, but a few things that are an issue that’s slows things down a lot.

Setup Mode
Setup mode needs a lot of improvement. I don’t like how when you check or uncheck any of the boxes, it immediately performs that action. Doing this takes a long time on my machine, 10-15 secs. So if I make a mistake, that’s another 10-15 sec to undo.

If I want to overhaul the Players tab for example, that’s 10-15 sec per action and I’m waiting inbetween each one. Would be much better to be able to make all my changes I want with nothing happening until I click a button to “Refresh” or “Save” my changes. Then it’ll do everything at once.

Creating New Players
I also don’t like how creating new players automatically adds them to all flows and creates the layouts automatically. It takes a long time to process adding to flows, and also sometimes I don’t want them added to all flows. Would be much better that creating a player simply creates a player. That’s it. Let me add them to the flows I want and create the layout manually

Flow Tabs
The jump to feature is nice, but its still a little cumbersome to navigate throughout multiple flows.
It would be really great to have tabs at the bottom of the screen with all the flows within a layout that will allow you to switch to those flows. With an All tab as well that has all the flows in that view.

This way, we can have a workspace that is capped at the beginning and end of just the flow in that tab instead of having to scroll through a long scrollbar throughout all the flows to find what you want. Many times I miss the end of a flow and go into 2 flows past where I want to be

Currently, the only way I know how to do this would be to create multiple layouts containing exactly one flow which isn’t practical.


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I also would like it if we could have the option of not adding new players to all flows automatically. I see the value for some scenarios in the current behavior but other times it is as much a hindrance as a help. A tick box (or a little dialogue like in the print flows dialogue) would be a welcome addition in my book.

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If it’s taking 15 seconds, then presumably, that’s for a large document (with Condensing?), which already has lots of music in. (In which case, it should be reasonably rare that you need to add more players at that stage.)

If it’s 15 seconds in an empty document, then that’s not normal and needs looking at.

Don’t forget that if you want to remove a player from lots of Flows, you can select all the flows and then de-select the Player, rather than selecting the Player and de-selecting the Flows.

You can add keyboard shortcuts to “Go To Next Flow” and “Go to Previous Flow”. I can zip around a document very easily with that.

I’ll check out those shortcuts for flows. The main point of the suggestion however was to cap the scrollable view to just that flow without creating layouts for each one. That way I could use the scrollbar to just zip to the end without going into the next flow. I guess that’s what you meant by the shortcut so you can go to the next flow / end of this one.

Still though, scrolling with the mouse will still be handy and useful, it would be nice to have a shorter and capped scrollbar

Yes its for a large document with condensing on one layout. Also depends on what you consider large. I have 8 flows, of full orchestra, one with 126 ms, one with 84 ms, the rest between 50-80 ms. So not really that large.

This was also done on the +Pro playback template and I just switched to Silent. Haven’t tried adding removing yet but just moving around things do seem snappier. Still though, I think its a UX issue that could be improved

Yes I know about the remove from all flows, but its unnecessary to have to undo all those additions. At this point I’m mainly adding players that will be unique to flows instead of all so its annoying to have to wait for them to be added only to remove from all, then add to what I want. And this does nothing to help when I want to rearrange or adjust players. The most aggregious use case is figuring out and changing percussion kits, and moving instruments around to try a different combination

This functionality - making all the changes needed, then applying (“confirming”) them with a single click could also be very useful in Play Mode.

At the moment, it requires clicking the tab ley when assigning an instrument, then ticking tab again when assigning a MIDI channel. This is very cumbersome and excruciatingly slow. But IIRC Daniel explained before that there is some kind of endpoint refresh going on in the background with each click and I got the impression it’s much harder to implement than one would think.

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That’s too bad to hear it could be a hard change. I wouldn’t mind the current functionality as much if the changes were instant and I didn’t have to wait ages for the operation to complete before doing something else