Enhancing Project & Track Notepads


The project notepad is super simple! We need to have better formatting and support for pictures with Unicode support. There is a QT Widget for text editing already there!

It would be great if we could have sections for Recording, mixing, mastering as tabs to navigate through them.

It would be nice to be able to see the aggregation of all track notepads in a single document shown as an option in the project notepad.

Not sure why it is not inserted there!

Please reply with +1, if you find the suggestion helpful.

I would like a notepad in the Key editor please. This would help with identifying CC’s that CANNOT be labelled. :angry:


Better yet, why not allow attachment of any files.

Ever better, why not allow attachment of any files to the track notepad. That way you could attach patch files to audio tracks for the device that you recorded on that track, for example a guitar amp modeler.


Any improvements should be made in both the Track & Project Notepads.

And while they’re at it how about a Notepad Track for timeline dependent info. I use a Marker Track for this now, which is OK-ish. But having a Notepad event that could contain text, pics, etc. would be pretty useful.

Agreed. I revised the title and modified the OP to have the aggregation of all track notepads in a single document. Don’t forget +1 ( or +…) if you like, please.