Enhancing Shared Copies Functionality, please!

Hey! I really like the shared copy function for MIDI clips in Cubase, but I have a thought on how to improve it. When we have several copies in a playlist, it can be very hard to find them. It would be awesome to have a ‘Select Shared Copies’ function in the playlist that highlights the exact copies based on the one currently selected.

Additionally, it would be logical to add a key command for ‘Duplicate as Shared Copy’. This way, when we duplicate a MIDI clip with a hotkey, we get a shared copy, and when we duplicate an audio clip, we get a normal copy. I’ve attached a picture illustrating my idea. Thanks!"


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There’s a Repeat function, default Key Command Ctrl+K. In the popup, you can also activate shared copying.

Repeat Events

I don’t need to create a 3 or 10 copies. I always need to create a one more

Alternatively, you could introduce a new modifier for the Select Tool. For example, you could use Alt+Shift+Doubleclick on a shared part to mark all the parts belonging to it.

You can also create just one (shared) copy. Simply set Count to 1.

Hmm, I have no any clue how to do that, maybe you have a tutorial video wich can help me to create it? Thanks

Yes, it’s a pity that this is such a complicated process. But with a bit of luck, perhaps the proposal will be implemented in one of the next versions.

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Thanks for thoughts but there is no such ability to select on a shared part to mark all the parts belonging to it.
Hope Stainberg will fix it

Was meant in that sense…

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Selecting Shared Copies

I’ve created myself a Macro executing 3 successive PLE custom presets to select all shared copies:

And here are my 3 PLE presets in a zip file:


P.S. One could probably also do this without a macro, by stringing the 3 PLE presets together via using PLE Post-Process Commands.

In addition - one could also expand on this idea by colouring all of the shared copies after they have been selected.

Duplicating a Shared Copy

It’s not quite as convenient as requested, but once a first shared copy is already created with the mouse, the simple “duplicate” key command will create additional shared copies.

That’s how I currently do it to create “always one more” shared copy.


Sounds very interesting, will test it tommorow. Thanks

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It really works. It’s a great solution. Thank you!


Thanks, works perfect. Maybe you can help me with one more issue I have? Thanks Render in place in a ONE sample