Enhancing the CMC workflow

Dear Steinberg,

CMC-TP and CMC-CH both have < > keys for selecting the active channel track.
It would be fantastic if in the Devices setup page, one of them could “redirect” these keys to select next / select prev part on the current track (a sort of navigate left/right).

About CMC-AI: if it worked in the Key editor, it would be a dream!
By rotating the knob I could change the velocity of the selected note (if the VOL key on the controller is on);

OR move the note position to the left or to the right (eventually to a quantized position)

OR, if the LOCK key is on, change their pitch.

IMHO these simple features would greatly enhance the Cubase workflow.

Best Regards,

There is a lot of things need to be done to the CMC and CC121. But I doubt that it will be done. They are actually yamaha products. Deeper integration wont happen. First they need to have more version of channel select functions. Some basic one is to have channel select based on different views. The C7 is supposed to be mixer centered. But it is not, channel section still based on Arranger view. The only way to make it work is letting the user choice. And let them do it per controller. A example. On my cc121 i would like to have the channel select to be based on what on the windows top or i in focus. On my QC i could have mixer-view and on my the CH i can have arranger-view channel select. But of course there should be other to select from. A history-stack, mixerview-2, mixerview-3, all-track. And a other thing is that all the default parameters on the controllers should be able to override. So that i dont need to have “e” on both CC121 and CH. The CH “e” should be possible to assign to something else. The possibilities are endless, and are only limited by imagination and steinberg/yamaha. Mostly steinberg when I think about it.