Enharmonic and percussion set problems

Hi folks,
I have a strange problem with enharmonies.
I imported a midi file into Dorico and the file had many enharmonic errors even though the imported file came from a sequencer from which I had implemented the key signature correctly.
I tried to rename the notes via the menu in write mode but as it was not really convincing (it corrected some errors but created others) I decided to review everything manually.
To make it easier I decided to create separate parts for each set of players so that it would be more visible than on a score but when I go back to the score these changes are not implemented. How do I do this? (I don’t want to rewrite everything…)
Another problem, I created a percussion set but strangely enough, I end up with the cymbals at the bottom whereas I had put them at the top by selecting the order of the voices (1 for suspended cymbal, 2 for splash cymbal etc…)
Thanks for your help…

Enharmonics – by default, respelling notes in the score also affects the part, but respelling in a part only affects the part, not the score. In Dorico 4 you can propagate note spellings from parts to scores.

Percussion kits – are you definitely showing the kit in the layout using the same presentation type as you’re editing in the dialog? Kits can use three different presentation types, and the setup for e.g. the 5-line staff presentation can be different from the grid.

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Thank you very much Lillie.
I apologise, I already knew I could propagate the spelling of the notes.
As far as the percussion kit is concerned, this is the one I created based on my instrumentation. I may revert to 5-line notation in this case as it is complicated to read the cymbals on the first line.

Hi Lillie

I can’t figure out how to create a percussion kit. Indeed, according to your recommendations I chose a staff of 5 lines but I don’t get the classic staff but a series of superimposed lines which I don’t like.
However, I did indicate that I wanted a staff of 5 lines as proposed in the dialogue window (instead of the grid or a line)
In the screenshot I am showing you, this is the lowest part. You can see that this is not a classical staff and that the order of the voices is reversed.

The link in this part of my reply is the answer, percussion kits can appear using a different presentation type in each layout. It looks like these kits are set to use the grid presentation in whichever layout is included in your screenshot. Here is the equivalent page in French from the 3.5 manual.

You can edit all 3 presentation types for the same kit in that one Edit Percussion Kit dialog, but it depends on the layout option which one appears in the music in the score, part etc.