Enharmonic buglet in upgrade

The keystrokes to respell notes enharmonically (Alt/Option - or = on the numeric keypad) appear to have a hiccup in the new release, at least on my Mac.

They change the notehead correctly, but they don’t change the accidental. In other words, instead of changing a G# to Ab, it changes G# to A#. Same problem going to next higher note or the next lower—the accidental remains unchanged.

That having been said, I share the opinion of the many others who have registered their surprise and appreciation of how comprehensive this release is.

Thanks much, Daniel et al!!

Yes, sorry! This will be fixed in the next update. I’m not sure what kind of workaround exists for now: possibly removing and re-adding the accidental, which isn’t especially helpful.

That’s strange. I don’t get this behaviour. Using Alt- or = works as it did before on my Mac.

It depends how you create the accidental, I think. If you use the panel on the right-hand side you may well experience the problem.