enharmonic change of chord symbols the 2.

And again the question: is it possible, as with notes, to force the program to show an enharmonic change of a chord?

I have Jazz Standard here with lots of modulation, where it is not good to display different keys every 2 bars…

Siehe hier:

Ich weiß nicht, ob Alt und + oder - auch wie bei den Noten auch funktioniert, bin gerade nicht am PC.


And please do not restart threads on the same subject!

And please do not restart threads on the same subject!

The other post went into another direction and lost the Original question towards transposition… thats why

Well, Derrek, I’m afraid this won’t help gogollny… What he’s looking for is whether he can use “respell above/under” for chords. I assume he means chords like shift-Q popover. I think the answer is no, but not sure about it. If you want to use the transpose window, make sure you spell the chord properly (with Derrek’s example, C# should go to Db in the calculator).

Exactement Marc. Merci