enharmonic changes in parts and full score

Maybe I’m doing something wrong. I like doing note input in parts and not in full score, especially
with slightly bigger scores. Using a midi keyboard you sometimes have to make some enharmonic
adjustments here and there. But making those adjustments in the parts doesn’t affect the full
score, i.e. if I change a# to bb in the instrumental part it stays a# in full score. Am I doing it the
wrong way??? (I use (German keyboard) the Alt-ß(?) and Shift-Alt-ß(?) shortcuts)

Thanks in advance.

Yours, Oliver

You HAVE to correct enharmonic spellings in the score. If you do it in the part, it only updates the part, not the score, even if you’re working with C instruments.

I learned this one the hard way, too.

Thanks pianoleo! Not what I would have liked to hear but now I know it wasn’t me…
But realising that after inputting 6 flows is just… grrrr! Will spend the next days
re-checking the whole score.