Enharmonic changes simultaneously in full score and part..?

Hello! Having a blast setting up my first project in Dorico Pro 3 :slight_smile:

After importing lots of MIDI data from Cubase with drag and drop, I needed to do a lot of enharmonic corrections in Dorico. I have just spent the better part of an hour going through a piano part and doing all the required enharmonic changes manually. But, to my grief: After navigating back to the full score, it seems those changes have only been done to the part, and not the full score. :astonished: Is there a way to make the same changes on both the part and the full score, so I don’t have to do this all over again? Perhaps a setting somewhere that I don’t know about…? Here’s hoping… :smiley:

Enharmonics changed in the score will automatics carry over to the part, but if you change them in the part they won’t carry to the score. That’s just how it works…

Aw, so I have to do it all over again. Guess I deserved that. :smiley: