Enharmonic Chaos after MIDI Import

Hey guys,

I imported an orchestral score from Cubase via MIDI. Some of the notes are totally strange.
Instead of showing a “E” I see a “bF”. Or sometimes there is for example a “bbD” instead of a C. The sound of the notes is correct. I already tried with the shortcuts “ALT+=” but they don’t work. “ALT+ß” also doesn’t bring the right note.
Strange thing is when I tip “ALT+CURSORDOWN” which is for making the pitch a town lower then all the b and # dissapear AND the note stays at the same pitch. Is that a bug or can I do something to get rid of all those signs b and #? Thanks!!!

Have you set a key signature? Is it a transposing instrument?

MIDI has no concept of enharmonics: pitches are numbers, and so can be interpreted as A flat or G sharp, etc.

You can use the Transpose function to transpose the music ‘to the same pitch’, while checking the setting to avoid extreme accidentals.