enharmonic display change in KEY EDITOR


I am editing MIDI for a project in Fm, so when I open the key editor and I see all these notes labeled with #s it is confusing, and I want to see flats.

How do I change the display to the enharmonic equivalent for a project in a flat key.

PLEASE NOTE: I am talking about key editor here (not score)

Unfortunately there is no enharmonic shifting in the Key (or List) Editor.

As always vic is right, there is no enharmonic shifting in the Key (or List) Editor.
But you could select all notes in the key editor, shift them up or down until they are in a key that is comfortable for you, then close the key editor and apply the same shift backwards to the whole track (in the inspector) or only to the part (in the info line). Not the direct way but it maybe helps you.

…yes, funkstone exactly!this is very dissapointing and take a look at the silly optical distance between the scale notes…e.g. C-major and D-major looks so different very confusing and not pro, please steinberg change and add this feature :frowning:

I hope I’ve understood correctly what you were asking…

  • open key editor
  • select all required notes (midi objects)
  • Menu: “MIDI” > “Transpose”
  • dialog: “scale correction” (!)

…is this what you need?


While I’m not too bothered about the key-spacing issue, I would support the request for a means of labelling the black notes as flats - throughout: note names don’t just appear on the piano roll but in boxes too.

When you’re working in a flat key it’s more logical to see flats.

Perhaps a look-up table could be devised so that when you select the key the right kind of accidental is selected (but you would need the full set of alternatives to select this, of course).

Perhaps a button would suffice but I wouldn’t vote for a Pref, which feels too “permanent”.

As in the OP, I am not commenting about Score.

Oh, sorry! now I understand. I was wrong…