Enharmonic Key signature for 1 instance

Here is my issue:

I am working on an orchestral transcription for a symphonic band (hand written parts). At a major part in the score, the concert key signature moves to B major (5 sharps). The English horn transposes to F# major (6 sharps), which is correct. However, the arranger did the part in Gb Major (6 flats) the enharmonic key (possibly because concert bands use flay key signatures more frequently than sharp key signatures - just a guess). Is there a way to select just the one key signature and show the enharmonic key for the transposed instrument? I like the current settings under notations as they are, and in this particular case changing the setting does nothing.


Hi @Robby_Poole ,
go in Setup Mode, in the Layouts Panel right click on the EH Part layout, Clef and transposition overrides…, set the Written middle C sounds as E#3 instead of F3.

If you want to see Gb major also in the Full Score only for the English Horn staff, right click on the Full Score Layout, Clef and transposition overrides…, select the EH in the list and set the same override as in the Part as I wrote above.


Excellent! This works!

Right now this has no issues, but I am wondering if this would affect other key signatures negatively under some other circumstances.


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