Enharmonic notes, ties, key change

I have a tied note(s) for several measures with a key change (sharps to flats) during this transition. At the key change, I was thinking of making the tied note smaller and in parentheses, then a (tied) normal note at its enharmonic to continue the tie to the following measures. Has someone the steps or a better solution?

We don’t have a good way of inserting a small, parenthesised note with an accidental at the moment, but you can fake them up reasonably well using text – see the attached project for some text items you can copy and paste into your score, and then reposition in Engrave mode.

As for showing the tie between the notes with different enharmonic pitches, cut the tie using the scissors tool (shortcut U), then adjust the spelling of the note following the key change, and then select the notes either side of the key change and tie them together with T.
small-parenthesised-noteheads.dorico.zip (60.9 KB)

Thanks Daniel. Is there a plan to make an elegant and quick procedure to do this in the future? I have needed to do this a few times over the years.

You mean making parenthetical notes to show an enharmonic shift? I hope we will be able to provide a more elegant way of doing that one day, yes.

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Maybe this is what you were discussing (I’m not quite sure tbh) but there seems to be a glitch in that Dorico will not allow me to tie two notes together with different enharmonic spellings.

If I try to do as you suggested and tie the notes together after putting them in spelled as I desire, Dorico changes the spelling of the second note to match the first. (Clean file from scratch in Dorico)
Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 2.54.55 PM.png

And I will add one other issue, it will not let you do ties between two different voices. Occasionally (at least in keyboard writing) you need extra voices just for temporary rhythm clarity. But to keep your stems clean you might go back to all notes in a single voice. Suddenly you can’t tie things together.

I’m attaching two pics to show my goal-- if I enter it in like the source score (from 1890!) the ties don’t work. If I enter it with the C/Eb in the second voice to allow the ties, I cannot change the stem direction to make it look proper.
Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 3.19.36 PM.jpg
Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 3.18.08 PM.jpg

Romanos401, you can make it work by selecting BOTH notes (Cmd-click, if you are on Mac) and press T.
Skærmbillede 2017-04-21 kl. 22.51.06.png

Well, I don’t know what happened (I had tried that and it wasn’t working. But after restarting the program it worked. Now to get those pesky enharmonic ties to work…

I also can’t make it work the way Daniel describes. Trying to tie say D sharp and E flat changes the E flat to a D sharp.
Is this a known bug? It works for Daniel, but at least some of us can’t. Maybe it only works with a 1.1 build?
However, I managed to tie two enharmonic notes by putting them in separate voices, so that’s a workaround for now.

The best way to tie enharmonically is to put the two notes into separate voices.

Thank you for that new trick!

This is still not possible (unless the notes are in different voices). Are there any plans to fix it?

Yes, there are, but I can’t say when this will be addressed.

Just checking - is the text workaround still the recommended way of doing this? I’m unable to access the destination page linked to, as it’s marked as no longer existing or private.

There’s no built-in feature for showing the enharmonic equivalent of an existing tied note, I’m afraid.

Sorry, Daniel - I was referring more to the link that you provided higher up in the thread regarding text items that could be pasted into the score:

I’ve tried clicking on it, but got a 404 error.

Unfortunately it appears that not all attachments from the previous forum are available any longer. This is one of the unlucky ones.