Enharmonic preference when using quarter tones

I have noticed that if I choose the upper enharmonic pitch of d sharp-quarter-tone-lower (Alt++), it gives an E double-flat-quarter-tone higher… Won’t it be more logical to have an E flat-quarter-tone-lower?

Dorico’s choice makes sense to me, for what it’s worth, because it takes a note written as D +1/24 and rewrites it as E -3/24.

The point is that Dorico thinks in wholetones, and the possibility to think in semitones may be more practical. In a practical context, E-flat -1/24 is probably much more readable than E-natural -3/24. Maybe pressing Alt++ could give both solutions by order: first E-flat -1/24 and second, E-natural -3/24. Just a suggestion.

Thanks for the suggestion. Perhaps we can, as you say, use a different approach when writing in 24-EDO than when writing in 12-EDO.

I have found a similar problem with quartertones trills. You can only choose one of the enharmonic possibilities. For example, it is impossible to write a trill on F-natural that trills on G-natural quartertone lower. You can only obtain a trill on G-flat quartertone higher.
Thank you for considering these issues!