enharmonic shift for all notes

How can I enharmonically shift all notes of one class of a transposed instrument?
i.e. all E# become F or all B# become C or F double sharp become G

You can’t currently filter notes by pitch, so unfortunately there’s no quick way to achieve this, but I would expect it to be something we’ll be able to add in future.

thanks. Hope it will come soon. Or some intelligent use of accidentals in a non tonal situation with transposing instruments. i.e. only sharps and no B# and E#.

One thing I loved from one of the older applications, and which I miss in Dorico, is the ability to toggle enharmonic spelling just for the altered notes… it made accomplishing a fix like the one below extremely easy—whereas in Dorico I have to touch each note every time!

Not a huge problem though, for the type of music I write I can change what I need really fast :wink:


Is it possible to simplify all double and triplet flats and sharps? All notes, without filtering

No, at the moment you can’t easily do this, I’m afraid.

Hello Daniel,

Thank you so much for the info. I probably have to be more careful when transposing exercises to all keys. Probably there are ways to not end up with triple accidentals.

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