Enharmonic Shift tool in the Piano Roll

  1. Could you guys design a Enharmonic Shift tool in the Piano Roll window, so we can select whether a single not is displayed with flat or sharp accidetals.

In Cubase Pro 11, In the preferences menu, we can chose “Enharmonics from Chord Track”, and in the Info line of the project window, we can use the Enharmonic Shift tool to decide how the notes in the Piano Roll window show according to the Chord Track.

But we just can’t change a single note. Like the chord is A7b9, when select “#” in the Enharmonic Shift tool , all the notes are displayed as “A C# E G A#”, with “b” you got “A Db Fb G Bb”, and with “Auto” you got “A C# E G A#”, you just can not make it look like a “A C# E G Bb”, which is what I really need.

I think you guys can design a similar Enharmonic Shift tool in the Piano Roll 's Info Line, so we users can decide how a single note should be displayed .

  1. As for the Scale Assistant, could you guys add a “Easy mode”, just like the Cales vsti or the KOMPLETE KONTROL , so we can play sales easily?

Thank you very much if you take my advice into action. It Will be really helpful for lots of people .

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  1. Add a Marker and Arranger track Inspector in the piano roll window, so when you turn on the Global track, you don’t have to go back to the project window to select a marker or Arranger. That will make it a a lot more easier editoring in the piano roll window.