Enharmonic spelling (bug?) for artificial harmonics on microtonal notes


I’m linking a Dorico file of the problem here. This is in 24 EDO. There’s a touch-fourth harmonic on B-quarter-flat, which should appear as an E-quarter-flat above it. Dorico does indeed produce this to begin with, but then keeps changing it to the enharmonic D-three-quarter-tone-sharp. If I use Alt-Shift-Arrow-Up, then down, it returns to a perfect fourth again (on the enharmonic A-sharp, which is no problem to fix with Alt-plus), but then moving from the score to the part it shows it wrong again, then fixing it in the score, it goes wrong in the part… basically, Dorico seems to have trouble retaining the spelling in this case.


I had a similar issue a while back - as far as I know, spelling of microtones Does not propogate but can be manually respelled in parts.

I can’t find the previous thread, but this problem has been reported before and will be fixed in the next update.

Thanks Daniel - good to know as I use both microtones and harmonics quite often.
(and I promise I also searched the forum before posting - but couldn’t find anything either :grin:)

Ok that was fast! (3.1.1)

I just found this thread. Has the bug been fixed or not? I’m having a different but similar problem with 4th harmonics in quarter-tones. On the screen shot, the Bb quarter-tone down should generate Eb quarter-tone down. E double flat quarter-tone up does work but you’ll need severe dyslexia to sight read that! Strangely, the enharmonic A# quarter-tone down-D# quarter-tone down does work.

The problem originally reported in this thread is fixed, but what you’re reporting is something slightly different. At the moment Dorico doesn’t have a preference for the accidental it should choose when it creates the special note for the harmonic, so it ends up choosing the first one it happens to find that matches the required delta; in 12-EDO music this will always be a single accidental, but in 24-EDO or larger systems it may will often be a different one than the one you chose for the fundamental note. We’ll look into making Dorico prefer the same accidental as the fundamental note in future.

Has this been fixed at this date? I really need it to be. :slight_smile:

If you’re asking about the original problem in this thread reported by @yoyokoko, then yes. If you’re asking about the issue described by @Queb where Dorico doesn’t prefer the same accidental as the fundamental note, that issue is fixed in our development builds, but the fix is not included in the current release of Dorico.