Enharmonic spelling, C score and transposed score dilema


I searched the forum and tried some of the proposed solution without luck. I made a post as a feature request but maybe a normal one would get more attention. So I’m taking a chance here maybe someone found a solution to this.

I’m writing a piece with a Bb clarinet. I would like to have a score in C and a transposed score in the same file. This is pretty easy but there is a catch…

If I write A# on the C score for the Bb clarinet the transposed part will be automatically written B#. I understand Dorico wants to preserve the intervals. I also know that I can change the part alone to a C without altering either scores.

Here’s the root of my problem. In my transposed score, if I respell the B# to a C, the A# in the score in C will be automatically respelled Bb.

I tried changing the key to atonal (since I don’t usually use key signatures).

How can I makes changes to the transposed scores without altering the score in C ?

Thanks a lot.

Hi @paq_phil - you received a reply from Daniel Spreadbury a few days ago in your previous thread on this topic:

Questions are always welcomed here, but it’s politely requested that bumping is avoided as a courtesy.

At the moment, as far as I’m aware there’s not an automatic way to prevent a note being automatically respelled in other full score layouts.

You could perhaps set up one of your “full scores” using a part layout (just with every player assigned to it, set it to use the Default Full Score master page set, set the page size and margins as you would for a full score etc etc) so that when you respell accidentals in that layout, the other full score (that’s actually a full score-type layout) isn’t affected?

Hello !

I’m very sorry for disregarding the rules of the forum. It’s all my fault. I should’ve red them. I’m ,as you can see, quite new to the forum thing. It’s been quite helpful. Please feel free to delete the thread if you want.

I tried you solution. It’s a workaound. The changes I make in this pseudo score only affect it Not the Bb clarinet part alone. So I would have to edit both scores and the parts.

Thanks a lot and sorry again.

It’s quite all right, you’ll find this is a friendly place, particularly for people who are clearly new! And everyone learns something for the first time, sometime.

Yes that suggestion is a workaround as such - it’s one idea you have at your disposal.

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