Enharmonics and Ketchup

Women say men can’t find the ketchup when it is the only thing in the refrigerator. Well, I can’t find this icon/symbol for respelling notes after spending considerable time looking around Dorico. Where is it, please?

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To clarify what @Carlovanderput has already shown:


Sweet. Thank you! I’ve never used that keyboard but it is pretty darned handy. (A section of a piece I am working on now has a lot of changing accidentals and many musicians are sensitive about note spellings for fingering and hand position reasons.)

You are absolutely right! I sight read in the theatre an awful lot and the standard of notation in modern piano reductions is terrible. Being able to recognise idiomatic harmony helps sightreading and misspelling notes makes it much more difficult.

I guess I’m saying thanks for thinking of us!

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In case it’s helpful for future scenarios like this: the bit of text after the picture of the button says where it is, “the Keyboard panel toolbar”.

Searching the manual for “Keyboard panel toolbar” brings up the page about the Keyboard panel as the top result. The buttons in its toolbar are then listed and described on that page.

“Keyboard panel” is also the top listed related link at the bottom of the original page you were looking at, “Respelling notes”.

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