Enjoying Nuendo 6.04?

Just updated my trial to 6.04 several days ago…still have over 12 hours left to trail but I’m thinking
it is about time to update.

Many of the annoying console issues seem to be fixed.
The whole program feels more solid in general.

We still need key commands a plenty, especially for calling up the saved mixer views.
Please make it an option to use the track colors in the visibility panel.
If the dots and arrows were displayed in the track’s color it would be really helpful.

Also the default track color options should use the defined track colors as set up in the preferences.
So when I go to set a default color for a track type, my user colors that I already setup should be available, not just another color picker that has no way of matching other colors.
I use dark navy blue for Group tracks, when I add a new group the blue color is slightly off
from my existing Groups.

Anyway, great update from my point of view.

Good work Steinberg!

Here here to saved mixer views. Even better, the addition of Mackie control F keys to recall mixer views.

And to stay on topic yes I am enjoying N6. Not much bugs me now. Just keep working on the improvements.


Thank you for the encouraging words!