Enjoying The New Features in 7 - Thank You Steinberg

Just wanted to say to Steinberg, thank you for making such quick editing features available in the new mixer, it is so much easier to quickly mix and move between channels. I especially like the back arrow that moves you to the previous edited track, and the ability to hide or show selected channels. The new channel strip works very great for me to dial in the compressor settings, and to see all those settings across the screen on each channel is wonderful. The frequency display in the EQ is so appreciated as before we could not see that in previous versions of Cubase EQ’s, and the ability to quickly open it by clicking on the equalizer curve above the channels is superb! :smiley: There are many more features that make Cubase 7 stand out for above Cubase 6.

Thank you…

P.S. I do hope the “Maximizer” meters hanging get fixed in the next maintenance release :smiley:

Appreciative for your good work,