Enlarge selected track (audio only)

I would love to have an option in preference where we can select what type of tracks are concerned by “enlarge selected tracks” so you can exclude folder or marker tracks that are really annoying (and even MIDI that I never need enlarged… or push things and have a way to set different enlarge values for audios (4rows in my case) and midi (2rows))
Don’t think that can be done with PLE really as it is while navigating through tracks in the session (?)

You should be able to in the PLE.

For example (not in front of Cubase) – in the top pane Set property to selected, and media type to Audio.
For the Post process commands add Zoom Track Exclusive

Sorry i mean PLE really works for one keycommand or one action. Where enlarge track is more a status you toggle between. So even if you have PLE working it would be for the track you are on at that moment or a selection of tracks (that I don’t need) . This macro would not work while you navigate through different track (or i’m missing new functions in PLE ?)