Enormous bug, Exclusions does not work when bringing in samples from Groove Agent browse, only Cubase Media Browser work

Trying to program a simple hi-hat open and pedal close exclusion between two pads… but it’s not working.

I couldn’t figure out why, when it was working before with some other samples.

After some troubleshooting, I tried loading in samples the way I did before I had organized my own GA library… It worked.

For some reasons, exclusions will only work for samples dragged in from the media browser. Exclusions will not work on samples you have dragged in from Groove Agents internal browser.

Can someone confirm this?

Drag in two open hi-hat sample instruments that you have saved as your own as Groove Agent Instruments from within Groove Agent. Set them to save exclusion… do they exclude for you?

If they don’t work,
Now, find the same samples that are .wavs before you saved them as GA instruments, and drag and drop them in onto pads. set to same exclude number… Do the two new ones excclude each other for you???

Hi PleaseDontBanMe,
I’m able to reproduce it here. Its now in our Defect-Tracking-System and listed as Bug-ID “GA-4861”.
I hope we can provide a fix for it soon.

Thanks for your report and please accept my apologies for any inconvenience caused.
Gerrit Junge

Thank you for the response! I like the software very much… Maybe it’s not a very difficult problem and can be fixed by the next Cubase update on the 26th… 10.0.3.

As a new user, I dove right into the program deeply right away taking notes and exploring something and building my own sample library from scratch. using .wavs extracted from various projects and sources. I will post my findings and suggestions in the this forum later. But I like very much, the integration with the DAW is fantastic.

I hope Yamaha/Steinberg develope some sort of drum pad contoller meant for Groove Agent/Cubase. Yamaha has the capacity to enter the drumpad controller market… or to acquire a company… Honestly, I would acquire Roger Linn Design, retaining the current product line, but also developing new ones.

Any update on this? I desperately need this fixed to be able to make use of my own created instruments which is in the hundreds.

Some information would be really great, am I going to have to remake all my instruments after this is patched? Or will my instruments recognize/integrate fine into the patched code?


the issue will be fixed with the next Groove Agent Update, which is planned to released in Q4 2019.
Please check your presets when the patch is availalbe.


HI, I’m also needing this fixed for my custom GA sound libraries

was there ever any update for this??

Hi lovegames,

We are only 6 days into Q4 so they have until 31 December to deliver on their promise!

Kind regards

James Colah

Hopefully it is sooner than later :blush: Steinberg could do a better job of identifying what should be classified as an immediate asap hotfix… this problem affects custom sound libraries and the musicality of the software.

Sorry, this is just incredibly frustrating. It’s inarguable that this should have been a hotfix. It has held up so much progress for me. Not only was I not able to make use of 100s of samples I created, I haven’t been able to consider my master Cubase project template finished, and I haven’t been able to do further instrument development in Groove Agent.

This problem is not a hiccup, it is choking on a steak bone. I need a fix for this now. Very frustrated by this incredibly small bug.

must have had to recode the entire instrument to fix this

Fixed with latest update.

I don’t think it’s completely fixed, unless I have to reload all my instruments :blush:

It’s like half fixed, it works on some pads or not others? Or I have to reload all these instruments to fix?

I think they all need to be reloaded to work

Yes, some will need to be reloaded just so anyone concern knows. It seems fairly random which will or won’t need to be reloaded. I think exclusions that were already set before the update now will work, whereas instruments that were already loaded in a kit but were without exclusions will need to be reloaded… or maybe it’s vice versa, not sure and already fixed all of mine.