Enormous *Edit Instrument Names* Window

when I select the* Edit Instrument Names* window it nearly covers two of my three screens. This can be seen below. If I reduce the window with the mouse, to normal dimensions, it still reappears huge next time I open it.

  1. On my computer the screen is only wide enough to contain the text editing buttons at the top.
  2. NIf you cannot change the panel width, I am not sure why the width is a problem in any case, since it is not as if you will be doing any work on the screen beneath it until you have changed the name.

I can change the height and width with the mouse, and I need to do so to find the close button at the bottom. But having set it, it stillopens large the next time.

Other panels open smaller than I need!


Dorico will save the last-used size and position of each dialog when it is closed. Perhaps you could run the Registry Editor and navigate to the following key:


Export that whole tree into a .reg file (or whatever Windows calls such things these days: my Windows knowledge is about 10 years out of date now), zip it up, and attach it here, and I’ll take a look to see what values are stored in there for this dialog.

I wondered if this was project specific. So I experimented with a new test project.
Test Project 1.dorico (2.8 MB)

Open Dorico 4.1 and select project.

In Setup Mode, select a player in Players list. Click on arrow. Left click on “…” Choose “Edit names”: panel opens large. Resize panel so OK/Cancel are back on screen. Close panel and then open again. Window opens even larger.

Daniel, I will now look for and send the registry info. asap.


As mentioned in another thread, this is not the case here. The size is saved, but not the position (Windows 10).