Im starting to wonder if people are getting paid to give out awards and I really don’t care who gets mad by that statement

How can a software with SO MANY BUGS win any kind of awards. Everything I try to do in Cubase there is a stupid, ridiculous, annoying, counter-productive defect that kills my creativity. Im at a point now where if I take the time to report every bug I find, I will be on these forums more than I will be on Cubase. I took my hard earned money and bought every product you can think of from Steinberg and nothing works as advertised. If I do get something to work, I can bet anything that something will go wrong the next time… Even HALion 5 acts weird for whatever reason… once I have a reverb on an AUX I hear reverb on all my channels even when Im not sending any signal… NO ONE SHOULD BUY THIS DAW OR ANYTHING FROM STEINBERG AND I WILL MAKE SURE I SPREAD THE WORD TO THE CORNERS OF EVERY WEBSITE THAT MATTERS!

Countless crash and bugs in one day so i decided to give it a rest, finally started Cubase up again and open the “Triebwork” plugin to see what i can get done and the added pics shows what I was faced with. I’ve had it… Message to Steinberg, Cubase has amazing potential so If you guys can’t fix bugs users been having for years sell your company to someone that can.I kept using Cubase because I thought the good outweighed the bad but now there is way more bad than good and I would be an idiot to keep using Cubase.

I’ve been telling Stephen Marley about Cubase for a while now and I got him so interested to the point where he’s considering changing over his whole studio from Protools to Cubase. He would’ve been a great voice behind this company… What a waste!


I don’t have any crashes or bugs here. You must have a bad computer, possibly a crappy audio interface or you are using your motherboard’s audio. It’s been many years since I have been using Cubase. Early on I had these problems not not for a long, long time.

I understand your frustration, but you’re not seriously running your computer on battery power while you’re working with Cubase, are you? :wink:

Cubase works great on my computer, as does Groove Agent 4, HALion 5 and all the Steinberg instruments and plug-ins.

I am sorry to hear that you have trouble with some Steinberg products. However, Triebwerk is just working fine here on Mac OS 10.11.2 in Cubase Pro 8.5 on my iMac as well as on my MacBook. I am using it quite often in complex projects with automations and so on.
I am a long time DAW user and all I can say is that Presonus Studio One is the only DAW I had less to zero trouble with. Live, Logic, Bitwig and even Reaper are full of bugs and strange behaviours as well. I strongly believe it is the nature of a DAW with all its complexity and realtime processings to give the users off and on a hard time. I don’t know any field in computer processing which is using that much of 3rd party delopement (effects, instruments, extensions, add-ons, …) as well as complex outboard equipment (audio interfaces, midi devices, controllers, …). In other words: working in this environment, problems are to be expected. I changed my mind set already in the 90s and stopped whining about bugs and missing features instead I used the stuff that works or tried DIY workarounds. However I think it is important to let the developers know if there is something wrong and I can fully understand if someone is upset when his system gives him a hard time while working creatively in some musical flow.
My conclusion after all this years is: Working professionally with a DAW is not for the weak!

Would you mind clicking on the Steinberg logo -> “About” and telling what version you are using?

Yeah to be honest man it sounds like Cubase is not the root of your problems. If you’re really having this bad of a time, you should do what all of us (pro or hobbyist) have to do from time to time;

Back up your work
Wipe your computer and restore it to a totally pristine OS
Image your system
Apply all driver updates
Image your system again
Install Cubase and test it
Image your system
Install your plugins and test them
Image your system

In all likelihood, things will work fine, and if they don’t you’ll be backed up every step of the way so you can re-trace your steps and find out where it went wrong.

If, after all of that, you’re still getting problems, then you can hop on the phone to Steinberg and give someone there hell.

*Edit: in the meantime, if you don’t fancy doing all of that or have a project on that means you can’t be out of action, a good place to start would be:

Cubase version number
Computer specs and OS version
Audio interface and driver version

Maybe someone can help with that info!

I really appreciate you guys trying to help me but everything you guys are recommending I already did countless of times and every time I think ok now its stable I realize its not. The last time I did a clean restart of my computer as if I bought it from the store and only installed Cubase with no third-party plug-ins and as soon as I launched Cubase it crashed at the splash screen… I am not the only one, if you check the forums and other websites you will see that it’s a large amount of people that are having an insane amount of issues and a very few people have a stable system when it should be the other way around.

Since I first got into Cubase at version 6 its been a constant battle with bugs and work arounds or if there’s no work around just dealing with the bug itself and waiting for them to fix it, and here we are in version 8.5 with some of the same bugs from version 6. For ex. Changing the tempo would sometimes change the loop locators, since version 6 that was happening and they only recently kind of fixed it in version 8.5, now instead of making the loop markers go crazy now adjusting the tempo changes the horizontal zoom.

Feel free to try it if you have Cubase 8.5… just set up your loop locators and keep changing the tempo you will see that the zoom level keeps changing every time… WHY? THAT IS STUPID. ALL I WANT TO DO IS CHANGE THE TEMPO… EVEN THE BUGS HAVE BUGS… LOL! THIS DAW IS A JOKE!

You’ve been having issues for 5 years and not even once did you consider buying a new computer?

To the OP- I understand your frustration, but I will point out that you have not given any system info that would enable anyone to help you. Considering the response to your post, maybe it’s time to consider a different approach to solving your problems.

Also, please don’t post the same complaint to multiple forums. (this was posted to a total of 4). This time I went ahead and removed the other duplicates, but other mods won’t be so kind. Refer to the forum terms for the exact expectations we have for the community.

The horizontal zoom changing when you adjust the tempo is not a “bug”. The faster the tempo, the faster the cursor will pass events (or events will pass the cursor if you use static cursors), or the faster the screen will refresh if you zoom in. It makes perfect sense to zoom out as the tempo increases to avoid faster and faster scrolling. And if you do need to focus on one area at a high zoom, at a high tempo, change the tempo, zoom in and it’ll stay there until you zoom out again. Job done. You’re not gonna be wildly dragging the tempo up and down as you work right? And the zoom factor doesn’t change with automated tempo changes. So I’m not sure I understand the problem.

LOL! Im not sure you know what you’re saying… The zoom level should stay the same and of course the cursor would go faster or slower depending on the tempo. Changing the the tempo in every other daw is a very smooth action because only the cursor goes faster or slower with tempo changes, Cubase is the only daw that sounds glitchy when changing the tempo while the song is playing because of this annoying zoom adjustment.

It depends on the time domain you have the ruler set to, onemidi.

Its not supposed to do that no matter what! Even Steinberg knows that. Contact them about it if you guys want and hear what they have to say about it. Its not supposed to do that.

No, you are mistaken. the Time-linear/Bars and Beats items in the the ruler context menu determines whether it does that.

It has to be said that you do sound like a user that has a limited understanding of how Cubase works. SteveInChicago is quite right, it would help if you could provide details of your system. I do not use a Mac, but have been using Cubase on a PC since the Atari days. Whilst there certainly are many things that irritate me about Cubase, there is very little that stops me from working with it. More often than not the difficulties I have on my part are things that I have overlooked or didn’t understand sufficiently. A case of RTFM! The problem people often have with not knowing the answer to a problem is to blame the software. I’m guessing that most people out there manage to get stuff done having sorted out their hardware/soundcard/drivers/video card etc. Many of the issues I have had have been to do with third party software. Kontakt has been a huge pain in the neck for me in certain projects. Render in place has been a Godsend.

Funnily I found Cubase 6 and 6.5 to be a pain to work with but 7 & 8 have been very stable for me. Yes I am not too keen on the Windows management, Asioguard is a pain with UAD hardware/software and I think that the way Cubase allocates cores is not very efficient, but I have managed to work around all those issues. I have made a huge amount of (so called) music over the past year, alone and with collaborators and enjoyed the process immensely. I admit I have had the occasional f**k storm over crashes and other issues, but that is the nature of software. Nothing is perfect, least of all me. I have learned to deal with those things I can, accept what I can’t change and hope that Steinberg sorts it out.

Either way, it’s not a bug. It’s the way Steinberg have chosen to implement the cursor in their software. And like I said, the solution to this problem is:

Change tempo
Zoom in
Continue working

As for the project glitching while you change the tempo, there is literally no circumstance under which the software needs to play back smoothly while you grab the tempo and randomly drag it up and down. It might be mildly irritating that it does this (Reason 8 doesn’t, maybe other DAWs don’t either). But there are probably reasons why this happens, like the software needing time to adjust to the new tempo, cursor location, instrument sync rates changing, etc. But again, this is not a bug. That’s like saying it’s a bug that audio pauses when you add a track, or change audio drivers.

If you want tempo changes over time, you automate them in, and everything plays back smoothly. Manually changing the tempo is something you do as part of your workflow. How the song sounds while you do that is really neither here nor there. Again it might be irritating or slightly unpleasant? But it’s not a bug. It wouldn’t exactly put me off using Cubase 8.5. Put it that way.

It sounds like you’ve spent an awful lot of time trying to fix problems that aren’t problems. There have been legitimate reasons to be angry with Cubase in the past (hell I couldn’t use the metronome in Cubase 8 until the first update - never upgrade at x.0 I guess). But “the song doesn’t play smoothly when I drag the tempo up and down” and “the number of events shown on screen increases when the tempo increases” are not reasons to be irate, let alone brand Cubase as garbage, or a joke. I and many others work in this software day after day, year after year. It does what it’s supposed to. With the odd problem here and there. But find me a DAW without ANY problems :wink:

People here are really generally quite helpful, and if you’re having other problems like crashes, playback issues, we’ll try to help.

Give it time and development - the bugs will come as Studio One becomes more feature rich or long in the tooth.

I was expecting everyone to just focus on the “tempo zoom” issue I gave an example of and miss the point entirely that its a slew of issues, not just that one that a large amount of people are having. I guess all these people suddenly just don’t know there way around Cubase and most of their issues are “user error”. I guess its my fault when I loaded “Triebwork” it opened up looking retarded, its also something Im doing wrong that keeps cutting off the cursor… LOL!

Im not a newbie. I know enough to break down an issue and know whether it might be user error or an actual glitch, thats why every single issue I reported to Steinberg got accepted and countless others I didn’t report because I knew it was just something I needed to figure out. Im done.

Well to be fair, tempo zoom isn’t exactly an “issue”. It’s just…the way the software works now. Maybe it was different before, but I’m fairly certain that when you’ve got your hands on the keyboard/guitar/whatever and you’re writing, you’re not gonna be dragging the tempo up and down at the same time, right? Not being out of line. I’m just struggling to understand how this is a huge barrier to actually writing music considering that most people set their tempo once, and then just get on with it, maybe tweaking a couple of BPM here and there or adding in tempo automation later. And remember; tempo automation won’t affect zoom level. Try it and you’ll see.

Okay, the cursor; what happens when the cursor goes like that? Does it affect playback? Or does it just look a little weird? Does it return to normal once it starts moving? Does it return to normal if you move the mouse cursor over it? Because I’ve had this non-problem once in a very long time and just mousing over it or quickly zooming in/out makes it go away. Is it weird? Sure. Does it matter? No. Again, I can’t understand how this is a barrier to making music.

The Triebwork thing is an actual problem, and I can’t help with that because I don’t own it. I can tell you that the only time I’ve had anything similar has been when I’ve tried to run 32-bit plugins inside 64-bit Cubase, but I don’t know if that’s the case here because you haven’t provided that information.

Again, not being out of line here man. But these “problems” don’t exactly warrant the tone of the original post, or your giving up on Cubase. Obviously the Triebwork thing is a separate issue, and I’ve offered the only advice I can without further details.

I’ve seen your other post about Cubase “tripping” when you add tracks and honestly dude, if these kinds of things are problems to you, I don’t think you’re gonna be happy with Cubase, ever. You could switch to another DAW tomorrow and find something that irks you like, audio stopping when you change sample rates, or the Mac wheel displaying for a couple of seconds too long when you open a plugin interface. The question you have to ask is; does it stop me making music, or do I just not like it?

I hope you get the Triebwork UI issue resolved, but beyond that, don’t waste time trying to fix things that aren’t broken.

You actually honestly make sense bro… You all made good points. I guess I got a little annoyed because I already had some stuff going on and I just wanted to finish up what I was doing in Cubase. The 2 issues I posted are definitly not deal breakers but its just with all the bugs from before these 2 were the straw that broke my back so to speak. I tried using Logic Pro and Studio One today and geeeez… lol! I much rather use Cubase. The Media Bay in Cubase alone blows other DAWs out the water. If anyone from Steinberg reads this forum, Im truly sorry for my disrespectful tone, (you guys still need to sort out some bugs tho c’mon now). lol.