Enough of the Problems with Cubase 8.5

I have spent a year now coping with the glitches and problems the plague Cubase and have had it.
With talk of Cubase 9 coming out and still no updates that address the existing problems with Cubase 8.5 I will no longer support Steinberg. I have had Nuendo 4 for years and had no problems,
Cubase 8.5 has been such a pain in the ass I am looking for other options. I never liked working on ProTools but I also never had the problems that I have with Cubase 8.5. A total groove killer.
I am a retired audio engineer with more than 30 years behind me and can’t believe these guys sell such trash software. I have been involved in this since the first digital taped based systems started showing up. The ones that worked are well known, the ones that didn’t have never been heard of. Cubase 8.5 wouldn’t have made it. Let’s face it this is very buggy software. And yes, some of you guys who sit around and play with it and think its great is one thing, but those of us who made a living in the studios all those long days and night know better. A company shouldn’t release software making claims they can’t keep. SSl Screensound was a disaster when it was first released and cost $150000.00 but they did finally make it work and provided support. Steinberg doesn’t care. My last dollar has been spent on Steinberg software.

It sucks you feel that way Foghead.

I am curious why you are satisfied with Nuendo 4, yet decided to use Cubase 8.5? The bunch of new abilities I would assume? If some of them are not working for you then why are you using it then?

I am in no way trying to be judgmental, but I have yet to find a bug that causes me any really pertinent issue at all with Cubase 8.5. Some minor GUI things that I just deal with. Obvious that my personal workflow does not bring up these issues that others are having. Or at least I have built a PC that is able to do what many are not capable of. Protools has it’s issues as well. I picked what I found to be the lesser poison.

I don’t know… It is just a different world hearing from some that are so pissed off. Yet, I don’t have any issues. My 30 years of experience evidently does not result in the same opinion as yours. That is fine. I just wonder why your experience is different.

Again, I am not proposing an argument. Only conversation. :slight_smile:

This is such a generic and pointless rant that you could literally turn this into a rant about any other DAW if you replaced “Steinberg” and “Cubase” with the name of another company and their DAW. Not accusing you of anything, but this is so unspecific that someone could have written it without ever actually using the DAW in question.

This isn’t your first time doing this either. If you’re having issues, try describing them so we can figure out whether they’re something that needs to be fixed in the application or if they’re just the result of configuration/user error.

Without specifics it’s difficult to know what you are having issues with.

I sit with it for long hours every day and making a living with it and have done for about 15 years.

I’m running Cubase 8.5.20 on Mac OS El Capitan and I have an issue about once a month. Most of the time, that is caused by a 3rd party plugin.

I mostly use it to record multi-tracked audio, but use plenty of VSTs as well.

There would have to be something in your system (based on what you are saying, I’m going to assume you are running Windows) causing a conflict for it to be as bad as you are suggesting.