Ensemble builder [FR]

Hi there,
I just stumbled across the esemble builder, and really like the idea. But for singers it’s not really usable at the moment (or I’m just not understanding it’s controls). I was able to add Sopranos, Altos and Tenors, then tried to add a bass singer but always got an bass guitar. (need SSATTB). Is there any way to differentiate between similar worded instruments? If not, it would be nice to add that in some way.

Also for adding singers it would be super smooth to just be able to type “SSATTB” in the ensemble builder and letting Dorico figure out, that it means 2 Sopranos, one Alto, 2 Tenors and one Bass :slight_smile:
Best regards

Yes, you’re right: I’m sure it’s a bug. But there are ways around it.

You can type SSAA … and Dorico will offer you the 8-part choir, from which you can then delete the extra Alto and Bass.

Or, type SATB, add the ensemble, and then right-click on the Sopranos and Tenors to Duplicate those players.

(I’ve added a shortcut of Shift D to Duplicate Player, so that I can quickly add extra Players from smaller groups.)

You can also type “bass voice” into the ensemble builder and it will work.