Enter alternative chords on top of each other & text next to individual notes


how can I enter alternative chords on top of each other in Dorico? Is that even possible, if not that would be annoying, because I need exactly that for teaching purposes. I am also wondering whether I can enter text next to individual notes? For example, whether a note in a chord is the seventh, ninth, major third, minor third, tonic,…

Many thanks in advance.


There’s no way to have multiple chords occupy the same beat in Dorico. Typical workarounds are to place the alternate chord at another beat (which could affect spacing) and drag to position in Engrave. You can also enter the alternate symbol as Shift+X text. MusGlyphs can sometimes be helpful with this.

For text next to individual notes, there are lots of ways to approach this. Shift+X text is the most obvious, but depending on exactly what you want and need elsewhere in the project, a Playing Technique, Fingering, or even Line (number with arrow) could work. It just depends what’s needed and what’s best for your workflow.

Thank you!

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