Enter chord symbol - how to move to next note then?

There seems to be some hickup going on…

I select a note, I hit Shift+Q, the chord popover opens, I enter “G” and press Enter.
Result: The G chord is displayed - and it is being selected.

From there: What is the best way to navigate through the next notes in order to place the next chord, without touching the mouse?
The arrow buttons don’t work, as they seem to only move the selection through the chord symbols that are already theyr. Space does also not work, as it starts playback. Enter does not work, as it only reopens the currently selected (new) chord.

I think I remember that this has worked before, somehow, though I have to admit that I only randomly work with chords.

What am I missing?

Thanks, Estigy

If you keep the popover open (ie don’t press Return), different navigation options are available.

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Thanks Lillie!
I knew I was missing something :slight_smile: