Enter Command in Macro

If I create a macro which includes a command which requires a dialog window to appear such as Bounce Selection can I add a Macro step for “enter” instead of having to use the mouse to click the default selection?



Cubase 4.5.2

Not that I know of. I tried the same (or similar) macro.

Mine bounces from selected track between locators, but the part I really want to automate is the dialogue box. I want to hit the macro and instantly have the audio track created with the newly created audio file right below the source.

Wasn’t sure if I missd something.

Thanks for the reply. I think you worded it correctly when you said “I really want to automate the dialogue box”.
That’s what I need. A macro step for “Enter” or “Select” - to breeze through a dialogue box. Let me know if you find it.